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Animais na guerra

A sorte dos animais é que eles não entendem os motivos de tanta destruição...
WORLD NEWS CHECHNYA 1 KRT WWII MARSHAL TITO CORRECTION BRITAIN HERO DOG WW2 Animals MOZAMBIQUE-RATS-SNIFFS-MINES RIP AUCTIONEquipment for the trenches. Date Created between 1914 and 1918, A French sergeant and a dog, both wearing gas masks, on their way to the front line. Photo by National Photo Company Collection.
Private First Class Norman Diamond of Brooklyn, New York gives a congratulatory pat to "Staff Sergeant Basic" and "Private First Class Adler," who have just received promotions under authority of DL (Dog Land) regulation 0000-900. They are mascots of a U.S. Signal Service company somewhere in India. 1942 Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photograph Collection (Library of Congress) WWII  Puerto Rico U.S.  Forces   Animald  Dogs WW2 Animals WAR US IRAQ WW2 Animals Horse Gas Mask

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